Recommended Shops

Recommended Shops

I've been burned by eBay and Amazon, so I like to give business to their smaller competitors. This is a list of places I've purchased from, and will purchase from again, grouped by topic. The list grows and shrinks with time.

Tea & Coffee

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Espresso Lane Coffee Machines and Maintenance
Pumphreys Coffee Coffee Beans and Loose-leaf Tea
Curious Tea Exotic Loose-leaf Teas


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Imagestore LTO Tapes
Scan Computer Components
LinITX Wifi APs
ETB-Tech Network Equipment


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Elevator Sound Modules, Samplers and Synths
CJ Stephen's Luthier Supplies
String Zone Cello Strings and Rosin
Music Matters Electronic Music Gear


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Zen Minded Shoyeido and Baieido


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Connaught Shaving Shaving Supplies
Invisible Edge Straight Razors