Tea Reviews

Tea Reviews

I like tea. I keep notes on tea I like. I don't add sugar to my tea. Where I've added milk, I'll mention it.

Shimada Sakura Smoked Wakocha

Purchased from Curious Teas. Priced around 50p/cup, two brews per basket.

Shimada Sakura Smoked Wakocha is a unique smoked black tea from Shimada in Shizuoka Prefecture. It is gently smoked over wood from cherry blossom trees, resulting in a smoky and fruity liquor. The warming flavour has complex notes of sour cherries, leather and tobacco.

Ashikita Izumi Wakocha

Purchased from Curious Teas. Priced around 31p/cup, 2+ brews per basket.

Ashikita Izumi Wakocha is an unusual Japanese black tea from Tsuge in Kumamoto Prefecture. Crafted from the very rare Izumi cultivar plants, it produces a clear amber liquor. The lightly mineral taste has sweet notes of fruits and honey with a lasting floral and chalky aftertaste.